Welocme Tax Link


TaxLinkROL_NASSCORP enables Beneficiaries and Practitioners to electronically submit various NSS forms to NASSCORP. This can be done form 1 of 4 Account Types

  • Individual or Sole Proprietor – This account allows members to Submit taxes, revenue and other filings to Ministry of Finance. The individual filings category includes all schedules required by MOF, ROL.
  • Partnership – This account allows members to electronically submit taxes, revenue filing and financial document to Ministry of Finance. The partnership filing category includes all schedules and reports required by MOF, ROL.
  • Corporation – This account allows members to submit taxes, revenue filings and financial document to Ministry of Finance. The corporation filing category includes all schedules and reports required by MOF, ROL.
  • Tax Accounting Business or Practitioners – This account allows tax practitioners to prepare and electronically submit taxes on behalf of their various customers to MOF, ROL. Once registered, practitioners can create new sub-accounts or link to preexisting accounts for various businesses or individuals.

TaxLink_NASSCORP Beneficiary Front-end

After registration, each member gets a dashboard and profile page. The dashboard enables members to navigate the various NSS forms. It also provides a list of saved and submitted documents sent to NASSCORP. The list shows the status of all documents on the dashboard. The dashboard provides real-time visibility between TaxLinkROL_NASSCORP members and NASSCORP regarding submitted filings. After a filing is received, reviewed, accepted or rejected by NASSCORP, the status will display next to each filing on the member dashboard. Members will also be updated via e-mail once the revenue officer has reviewed their filings. Members can upload required documents to be electronically access by NASSCORP.

The dashboard section provides key information on each member. This also include the e-signature option that allows registered members submitting documents to NASSCORP to add an image / # of a certified national ID or SS ID document. The information will be used as their electronic signature. The documents can include National ID Card, Driver License, SS ID or Passport. Also, the member profile will include information such as member name, personal or business addresses, SS#, SS Code, TIN #, County, City and P. O. Box.

The profile information is a basic system requirement for all forms and will automatically be added to filings submitted by that member. The member profile will also include a photo of the member.

The Practitioner feature is another unique feature added to TaxLinkROL_NASSCORP. This option enables practitioners and consultants to create and file NSS forms or financial reports for their various customers. This is done through the “account association” feature. This feature is useful for corporate CFO and comptrollers who wants to own their corporate accounts but allow tax consultants to work on various filing types.

NASSCROP (NSS Form) Filings:

1. Individual / Sole Proprietor, Partnerships, Corporations:


  • Accident Report from Employer
  • Applications for Registration by Employer
  • Funeral Benefits Claim Form
  • Invalidity Grant Claim Form
  • Invalidity Pension Claim Form
  • Retirement Grant Claim Form
  • Retirement Pension Claim Form
  • Survivor Claim Form
  • Applications for Replacement for Lost S.S ID Card
  • Claim for Refund of National Pension Scheme
  • Format for the submission of Payroll records to NASSCORP
  • Death Benefits Claim Form
  • Social Security Benefits Claim From
  • Employee Registration

NASSCORP Administration Interface

This interface provide management for all filings submitted by TaxLinkROL_NASSCORP members. Filings are sent electronically directly to the NASSCORP administrative officers, who will then have the ability to review all submitted NSS forms/documents. Once reviewed, an official “review status” will be applied to each filing. Ex. Approved, Received, Rejected etc... The “official Use” information will then automatically be sent with to the NSS beneficiary or practitioner.

TaxLinkROL_NASSCORP “Administrative Interface” also allows NASSCORP management to have a centralized 360° view of all filing submittals. TaxLinkROL_NASSCORP provide a complete workflow for the department through which, NSS beneficiary and practitioners can create/submit filings and still retain electronic copies for their records. NSS beneficiary and practitioners will instantly be notifying by TaxLinkROL_NASSCORP on the status for their filings.

The system provides unique login credential for each NASSCORP administrator. This way all reviews and approvals by a particular administrator can be tracked and managed by the Department. Additionally TaxLinkROL_NASSCORP provides NASSCORP, with a searchable electronic database of all submitted forms, document and records.

TxLinkROL is designed to interface with any preexisting system used by the NASSCORP. Using application program interface (API) connectivity, TaxLinkROL_NASSCORP offers the ability to exchange data (push or pull information) from in-house systems used at NASSCORP.